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4 tips for improving your quality of life
intoleran digestive experts

The world is full of a lot of concerns. Some of these are collective in nature, like wars and pandemics....

4 helpful ways to help manage IBS
stomach aches

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a common condition. While the form of diagnosis can vary, it’s generally believed that...

can vegans use Intoleran?
intoleran vegan supplements

Everybody loves to eat, but not everyone chooses to eat the same things. From health-related reasons to personal taste to...

can children use Intoleran?
intoleran and childeren

Intoleran’s digestive enzymes have been a game-changer for countless adults around the world. But what about children? Is it safe...

supplements should streamline your diet, not complicate it
girl with fruit

Many natural health solutions and supplements aren’t very user-friendly. They require being taken at specific times and on a daily...

using quatrase forte to relieve IBS symptoms
bowel complaints and supplements

IBS is a common dietary condition that affects many people around the world. In fact, it’s estimated that as much...

identifying food intolerance: how to do it?
solution for food intolerance

The term ‘food intolerance‘ is becoming increasingly common and more and more people seem to have a food intolerance. Food...

what does it mean to be lactose intolerant?
Drinking coffe with an intolerance

Intolerances are slowly coming into the spotlight. Even so, some intolerances, like sucrose and fructose, are still widely unknown. However,...

can you use Intoleran when pregnant?
intoleran and pregnancy

There are many supplements that address a wide variety of issues and concerns. While both the products and the problems...

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