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Healthcare professionals will find useful information here about how to help people enjoy food again, despite a food intolerance.

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We cover various topics, such as the different food intolerances, FODMAPs, matching diet solutions, sample case studies and how to use our supplements in this case. We also cover specific topics on request.

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quatrase forte – 36 capsules


Capsules containing four different enzymes to aid the digestion of various FODMAPs such as lactose. Ideal for the consumption of large amounts of FODMAPs.


lactase 10,000 – 36 capsules

lactose intolerance

Ideal for when consuming large amounts of lactose or if you are very sensitive to lactose: 10,000 FCC lactase in each capsule.


DAO plus – 50 capsules

histamine intolerance

Capsules containing the enzyme Diamine Oxidase (DAO), vitamin C and Quercetin. DAO plus is complete and effective. 

DAO & cozidase

fructase – 36 capsules

fructose intolerance

Capsules with the enzyme Xylose Isomerase


fibractase forte – 36 capsules

fructan and galactan intolerance

Capsules containing the enzyme Alpha Galactosidase.


lactase drops – 14 ml

lactose intolerance

Lactase drops for making milk and dairy products lactose free. Ideal for lactose-free cooking and baking.


starchway – 50 capsules

starch and sucrose intolerance

Capsules containing the enzymes Invertase and Gluco-Amylase.


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