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how do Intoleran supplements work?

The video on the left explains what a lactose intolerance is and how you can use Intoleran supplements with it. We produce the lactase supplements, as well as our other supplements, in our own labs with natural ingredients and without unnecessary additives. Below you can read exactly how our supplements work and how we produce them.

enzymes as a base

Our supplements consist mainly of digestive enzymes. These enzymes can break down certain nutrients in the intestines. When you have a food intolerance, a certain enzyme is often missing or insufficiently present in the intestines. The enzymes in our products can then still break down these nutrients for you.

solution for food intolerance
stomach ache free food

natural ingredients

The digestive enzymes we use in our supplements are of natural origin. These enzymes come from plant sources and are almost identical to the enzymes your body normally makes. This also means that the supplements are not harmful to use on a daily basis, even in the long term. The enzymes have only one task in the intestines and then leave the body again via the natural way.

manually produced

We produce almost all our products in our own Labs. We do not use large machines, but rather as much as possible by hand. We do this consciously, so that we need to add as few unnecessary ingredients as possible. We only use the really effective and necessary ingredients in our supplements.

solution for food intolerance
complaint free food

digestive support

When you use digestive enzymes in supplement form, as in our products, you can still digest certain nutrients, such as lactose, properly and you can prevent unpleasant intestinal complaints! Our supplements support your own digestion. So you can enjoy food again, even if you have a food intolerance!

enjoy food again!

In everyday life, it is often easy to stick to your diet. But when you want to have dinner with friends or go out for a meal, it can be difficult to enjoy the food without worrying about what’s in it. Our supplements help you with this! So you too can enjoy eating again, despite your food intolerance.

solution for food intolerance

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