specialist in digestive health since 2008

specialist in digestive health since 2008

Since 2008, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting nutritional supplements. Our team of dieticians meticulously develops our products with exceptional care. We prioritize purity, using only essential ingredients in our formulations. This guarantees our supplements are gluten-free, soy-free, and of superior quality, ensuring safety and minimizing unwanted side effects.

low FODMAP Certified™ by the Monash University

low FODMAP Certified™ by the Monash University

Our products proudly hold the Low FODMAP Certified™ status from Monash University

more than 100,000 satisfied customers

more than 100,000 satisfied customers

Since 2008, our mission has been to “help everyone enjoy their food again.” We are proud to have supported over 100,000 customers.

Low FODMAP strawberry foam

This is a recipe from Iris Valenciano, the owner of the website Comiendobien.es. This is a Spanish website where you can find various recipes for different food intolerances, especially for fructose intolerance/malabsorption.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this delicious recipe for a low-FODMAP strawberry foam made with just four ingredients. Who said you need a Valentine’s date to enjoy a delightful dessert? Prepare it for yourself and treat yourself on this special day.


  • 2 cups strawberries
  • 3/4 cup dextrose/grape sugar (or sweetener of your choice, equivalent to 100 g sugar)
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 egg whites


  1. Wash the strawberries and cut them into pieces. Then place them in the freezer.
  2. Blend the frozen strawberries with the dextrose and lemon juice.
  3. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form using an electric mixer. Then gradually fold them into the strawberry mixture; you can use the same mixer.
  4. Serve in glasses or cups, as you prefer! You can decorate with some strawberry pieces.

The only FODMAP in this recipe is the strawberries due to their fructose content. Servings of 5 strawberries (approximately 65 g) are low in fructose. Ripe fruits have higher fructose content, so freeze them on the same day of purchase to prevent further ripening. The portion size of this dessert is calculated to be low in fructose.

As for the sweetener to use, you have various options. Dextrose is an alternative for individuals with fructose intolerance who do not tolerate sucrose well. However, you can use any sweetener of your choice. The equivalent amount if you want to substitute it is 100 g of regular sugar.

This recipe is:
Low in FODMAPs
Low in fructose and sorbitol
Low in lactose

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