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the production

We have outsourcing partners for the production of our supplements. We like to provide you with a glimpse behind the scenes of the production process, from measuring ingredients and filling capsules to filling cans and packing the boxes.

weighing ingredients

In all steps of the production process, but especially in the first steps, we work very precisely. When weighing out the ingredients, such as the powder that contains the active enzymes, we make sure that this is done as accurately as possible. We make sure that there are enough active enzymes in each capsule so that all capsules are of good quality and work well enough. Sometimes we add a little filler (calcium) to make sure the capsules are filled nicely.

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solution for food intolerance

filling capsules

Capsulation, or filling the capsules, involves putting the powder into the capsules using a capsule machine. In this way, the capsules are nicely filled with enough of the active enzyme and filler. Afterwards, the filled capsules are weighed again to check if there is indeed enough enzyme in each capsule.

counting and packing

After the entire process of capsulation, the capsules are cleaned and can then be packaged. For example, we fill our durable white Intoleran tins with the required number of capsules (or tablets), as well as sample bags for our test samples. Using our counting machine, we make sure that each tin contains enough capsules.

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packing boxes

After filling the tins, they are packed in boxes. Each can and box is provided with a batch code so that we can always trace them back to the ingredients. Of course, there will also be an expiry date on it. After the boxes are closed, the products leave the production areas and are ready for shipment!

decrease bloating

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