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invertase and saccharose

Invertase is an enzyme that splits sucrose into glucose and fructose. All sugars that we ingest must be broken down by our bodies so that it can be further processed. Sucrose (table sugar) consists of a glucose unit connected to a fructose unit. These units must be broken down in our intestines, so that they can be absorbed by the intestinal wall. This way, the body can get energy from it.

Sugars belong to the carbohydrates group. There are various types of sugar in our diet, such as milk sugar (lactose), fruit sugar (fructose) and table sugar (sucrose). Sucrose is also known as sucrose.

Saccharose (sucrose) is found in many foods nowadays. It can be found naturally in our food, for example, in fruit and maize. Sucrose is also found in sugar beet and sugar cane. Granulated sugar is produced from sugar beet and sugar cane.

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