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The recommended dose of fibractase forte is 1-3 capsules. We recommend starting with the highest dose, to see how you react, and then tapering down to a smaller dose next time. You can do this until you can see the minimum dose your body needs to avoid triggering the symptoms of your food intolerance. Of course, what you eat/drink and portion size will matter (as will the severity of your intolerance), but the general rule is that by starting high, you can better tell if the product is helping you or not, rather than not being sure if it was enough. It is certainly helpful to taper the dose and see if you can go to a lower strength next time. Overdosing, by the way, does not have any negative effect and is therefore not a bad thing. In some cases it is better to be on the safe side in order to avoid unnecessary complaints.

Our fibractase forte capsules are safe to use several times a day. We do recommend that you adhere to the maximum set number of capsules per day. For fibractase forte, this is a maximum of 15 capsules per day.

The enzyme Alpha Galactosidase converts oligosaccharides (carbohydrate chains of 3 to 9 together) into smaller sugars like glucose. So your blood sugar goes up as a result, a point of interest if you have diabetes, for example. However, you cannot gain weight by using fibractase forte because the net caloric value of the food remains the same, it is only broken down better and faster by the help of the enzyme in digestion.

Chickpeas and lentils are rich in fructans and galactans (oligosaccharides), here the fibractase forte can certainly help to reduce the symptoms.

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