Histamine is a biogenic amine (natural protein) that is involved in a number of processes in the body. For example, histamine plays a role in the gastrointestinal tract, the central nervous system, lungs, sleep system and the immune system. Histamine is largely stored in mast cells. Mast cells are specialised cells found in tissues in contact with the outside world such as skin, lungs and gastrointestinal tract.

Allergic reactions release histamine. Medicines can also cause histamine to be released. Histamine is also found in the brain where it plays a role in the transmission of signals (neurotransmitter). Histamine is involved in the sleep-wake rhythm, among other things. That is why some anti-hay fever medicines (antihistamines) make you drowsy. An excess of Histamine will make you very alert and watchful, resulting in sleeplessness. Histamine is involved in many more processes, such as the production of gastric acid, the diameter and permeability of blood vessels (blood pressure) and the increase of adrenalin (nervous feeling).

Histamine is not only important for humans but also for animals and plants. That is why histamine occurs naturally in both plant and animal food. Processed food also has a significantly higher histamine content. Examples are ready meals, cheese, ham, sausages and (smoked) fish. Because histamine is formed during processes of deterioration, food that has been lying around for a while also has a higher histamine content. Unfortunately the substance is not broken down during cooking, so the histamine level will not (almost) change.

But also processed drinks like wine (especially sparkling wine) and (non-alcoholic) beer are best avoided if you are sensitive to histamine. In addition to containing histamine, these drinks also release histamine in the body.

Remember two important generalities:

  • Fresh produce contains less histamine than processed or aged produce.
  • Processed products contain more histamine than unprocessed products.

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DAO plus – 50 capsules

histamine intolerance

Capsules containing the enzyme Diamine Oxidase (DAO), vitamin C and Quercetin. DAO plus is complete and effective. 

DAO & cozidase

DAO mini – dispenser 60 tablets

histamine intolerance

Tablets containing the enzyme Diamine Oxidase (DAO). DAO mini is pure and efficient.

DAO & cozidase

fructase – 36 capsules

fructose intolerance

Capsules with the enzyme Xylose Isomerase


quatrase forte – 36 capsules


Capsules containing four different enzymes to aid the digestion of various FODMAPs such as lactose. Ideal for the consumption of large amounts of FODMAPs.


starchway – 50 capsules

starch and sucrose intolerance

Capsules containing the enzymes Invertase and Gluco-Amylase.


fibractase forte – 36 capsules

fructan and galactan intolerance

Capsules containing the enzyme Alpha Galactosidase.


lactase 20,000 – 50 scored tablets

lactose intolerance

This product is the highest lactase dosage tablet we supply. It is ideal if you are very sensitive to lactose or when consuming large amounts of lactose from food.


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