specialist in digestive health since 2008

specialist in digestive health since 2008

We have been developing and producing nutritional supplements since 2008. Our products are specially developed with great care and attention by our in-house dieticians. For the composition of our products we use only necessary ingredients, so our products are pure, free of gluten and soy and of high quality. This ensures that our supplements can be used safely and without adverse side effects. Our products are low FODMAP Certified™ by Monash University.

free dietary advice

free dietary advice

Our team of specialized dietitians is always at your service with practical advice and additional information about our products. Contact us via:

Chat: for quick and direct personal advice

Mail: info@intoleran.com

Phone: +31302272172

more than 100,000 satisfied customers

more than 100,000 satisfied customers

Since 2008, our mission is to help everyone enjoy their food. We are proud to support over 100,000 customers already.

Adilac no lactose

Adilac is the Spanish association for people who are lactose intolerant. After several years of research, the association was founded in 2003 by Oriol Sans. Adilac is the main Spanish organization that helps to provide information and support to people who suffer to a greater or lesser degree from the digestive condition – lactose intolerance.

The “No Lactose” seal, produced by Adilac, guarantees that products with this seal are totally suitable for lactose intolerant diets, making it easier for consumers when buying products.

Intoleran and Adilac signed a partnership agreement in July 2022 to formally establish our common goal of helping to ensure that people can achieve and maintain a high quality of life despite living with food intolerances. Therefore, the Intoleran products that appear in Adilac’s product search engine have been verified and can display the “No Lactose”seal. In addition to this, Intoleran has joined the Lactose Intolerance Global Network (LIGN) and our logo has a  unique partner code to show this accreditation.

Our supplements contain digestive enzymes that can help break down various fermentable carbohydrates, such as lactose. Our supplements can be used for various food intolerances, but are also suitable for people with IBS.

The Intoleran products that you can find in the Adilac search engine are:

  • Intoleran lactase 10.000 FCC (36 capsules)
  • Intoleran lactase 20,000 FCC (50 tablets)
  • Intoleran lactase 2500 FCC (100 tablets)
  • Intoleran lactase 3000 FCC (50 capsules)
  • Intoleran lactase drops (14ml)
  • Intoleran lactase drops (100ml)

If you have any questions about our products please get in touch with us. Our dieticians at Intoleran will be happy to help and advise you.

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