the enzyme Alpha Galactosidase

Alpha galactosidase, also written as α-galactosidase is an enzyme. An enzyme is a protein that plays a role in a chemical reaction

The enzyme Alpha-galactosidase breaks down poly-saccharides and oligo-saccharides (so-called FODMAPs) into smaller pieces. This means that the large and complex sugars (saccharides) are already pre-digested before they pass from the small intestine to the large intestine. Our body also produces alpha-galactosidase in the intestine. But not always enough to break down all the poly- and oligo-saccharides present. Saccharides then pass unprepared from the small intestine to the large intestine, where they cause problems such as abdominal pain and flatulence.

Alpha galactosidase, like our other enzymes, is relatively large. As a result, it cannot pass through the intestinal wall or enter the bloodstream, so it is safe to use.

The enzyme alpha-galactosidase that we use in our products is extracted from aspergillus niger. The great thing about this is that it means the enzyme comes from a natural source.

Alpha-galactosidase converts some sucrose into glucose. This can affect your blood sugar level. Before using a product containing alpha-galactosidase, therefore, consult your doctor.

our products

quatrase forte – 36 capsules


Capsules containing four different enzymes to aid the digestion of various FODMAPs such as lactose. Ideal for the consumption of large amounts of FODMAPs.


fibractase forte – 36 capsules

fructan and galactan intolerance

Capsules containing the enzyme Alpha Galactosidase.


lactase 20,000 – 50 scored tablets

lactose intolerance

This product is the highest lactase dosage tablet we supply. It is ideal if you are very sensitive to lactose or when consuming large amounts of lactose from food.


fructase – 36 capsules

fructose intolerance

Capsules with the enzyme Xylose Isomerase


once a day

lactose intolerance

The most convenient solution for lactose intolerance only 1 capsule per day. This product is ideal for holidays and is suitable for children.


free advice from our dietitians

Do you have questions about our products? Feel free to contact us. One of our dietitians will help you find the supplement that fits your needs best.

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