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eating without pain


Great! I can now eat things I couldn't eat before. I am impressed, thank you!


My four year old daughter is all smiles! After day five, she could eat and drink anything without diarrhoea and stomach pain; croissants, ice cream, yogurt drink, and we can cook anything we want. A really top-notch product! The first box is almost finished and we are going to order new ones right away. Excellent product.


After 3 years of not being able to eat everything, my 10 year old daughter was able to eat her first piece of cake without terrible stomach cramps. She is so happy! Great product.


It's so nice that I can eat outside the house again. Seriously an amazing product!


Without Fibractase I would usually be extremely affected by the food I eat. Now, when I am unsure whether I am able to tolerate a certain food, I take a couple of capsules of Fibractase and get no symptoms at all or only mild ones.


I don't have to cook for myself separately anymore. I can eat what my husband and daughter eat. I love the Quatrase. Thanks!


I think I have found "THE" product. After much reading and searching, I ended up with Fibractase. I immediately tested it and so far I have no problems.


This product works very well. It is wonderful how I can enjoy my food again without any worries.


I am very satisfied with these lactase drops! I can drink milk products again and even make probiotics lactose free without being affected by it. The taste of the products does not change. It becomes a little bit sweeter without losing the original taste, which is ideal for the products with no lactose free alternative!


our products

quatrase forte - 36 capsules

FODMAP intolerance

Capsules containing four different enzymes to aid the digestion of various FODMAPs such as lactose. Ideal for the consumption of large amounts of FODMAPs.


lactase 20,000 - 50 scored tablets

lactose intolerance

This product is the highest lactase dosage tablet we supply. It is ideal if you are very sensitive to lactose or when consuming large amounts of lactose from food.


DAO plus - 50 capsules

histamine intolerance

Capsules containing the enzyme Diamine Oxidase (DAO), vitamin C and Quercetin. DAO plus is complete and effective. 

DAO & cozidase

starchway - 50 capsules

starch and sucrose intolerance

Capsules containing the enzymes Invertase and Gluco-Amylase.


fibractase forte - 36 capsules

fructan and galactan intolerance

Capsules containing the enzyme Alpha Galactosidase.


fructase - 36 capsules

fructose intolerance

Capsules with the enzyme Xylose Isomerase.


once a day

lactose intolerance

The most convenient solution for lactose intolerance only 1 capsule per day. This product is ideal for holidays and is suitable for children.