lactose-free tiramisu
solution for food intolerance

Fancy a delicious dessert? Try this delicious tiramisu made with lactose-free mascarpone and lactose/fructose-free biscuits. Use our lactase drops to...

lactose free american pancakes
eating without stomach ache

Delicious for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just in between: Pancakes! With the help of our lactase drops you can make...

lactose and fructose free mocha hazelnut cake
stomach ache free food

Incredibly delicious for a birthday or a treat on the weekend. Preparation time: 1.5 hours + 40 minutes oven time...

vegetable quiche
solution for food intolerance

Not sure what to eat tonight? Make this delicious lactose-free vegetable quiche! Besides being full of vegetables and therefore very...

lactose free chicken satay with peanut sauce
eating without complaints

Recipe for lactose free chicken satay with peanut sauce. Preparation time: 1 hour + 30 minutes marinating time Ingredients (for...

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