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  • lactase 2500 - sample 5 tablets

    lactose intolerance

    Ideal to aid the digestion of small amounts of lactose from food. Small tablets and therefore ideal for children.

  • lactase 3000 - 150 capsules

    lactose intolerance
    Ideal for when consuming smaller quantities of lactose or when you react less violently to lactose from food: 3000 FCC per capsule.

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Intoleran offers a wide range of supplements for food intolerances. Our Quatrase supplement for example, helps to support the digestion of various FODMAPs including lactose. If you are curious to find out if any of our products work for you, please order a sample and try it yourself!   
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quatrase forte - sample 5 capsules

FODMAP intolerance

Capsules containing four different enzymes for the digestion of various FODMAPs such as lactose. Ideal for when consuming large amounts of FODMAPs.