lactase 3000 - 150 capsules


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  • Recommended by dietitians and doctors and based on scientific research

  • Ideal for small amounts of lactose

  • High-quality vegan ingredients, without unnecessary additives

Ideal for digesting small amounts of lactose

lactase 3000 - 150 capsules


Lactase 3000 capsules can be taken prior to any lactose-containing meal. The best way to take this is with water, however if you have difficulty swallowing, the contents of the capsule can be dissolved in a glass of water. The capsules are suitable for children aged 2 years and older. After ingestion, the lactase enzyme is active for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Take 2-3 capsules at a time just before each lactose-containing meal. Maximum of 15 capsules per day.


Intoleran lactase 3000 contains the lactase enzyme which contributes to breaking down lactose.

Ingredients (per capsule): Filling aid: Calcium Carbonate; Lactase (3,000 FCC); HPMC (capsule).

Lactase 3000 is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Free from gluten and soy.


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Frequently asked questions

about lactase 3000 – 150 capsules

Our lactase capsules and tablets are safe to use several times a day. We do recommend that you stick to the maximum set number of tablets or capsules per day. For the lactase 2500 this is a maximum of 20 tablets per day, for the lactase 3000 and lactase 10,000 this is a maximum of 15 capsules per day. For the lactase 20,000, the maximum is 10 tablets per day.

If you have a lactose intolerance there are a number of options from which you can choose. Below, we briefly explain which product is suitable for various requirements. More information can be found on the product page of the relevant product. Lactase 2500 - our lowest dose, for a low degree of intolerance or when consuming small amounts of lactose. A small, easy to swallow tablet that is also ideal for children. Lactase 3000 - our standard capsules, to be used for a lower degree of intolerance or smaller amounts of lactose in the diet. Lactase 10,000 - our relatively high-dose capsules, ideal if you are sensitive to lactose or want to consume larger amounts of lactose. Lactase 20,000 - our strongest option, ideal for high levels of intolerance or when consuming large amounts of lactose. In addition, it is convenient to use because the tablets are breakable. Our lactase drops can be used to make your own liquid (sweet) dairy products lactose free, such as milk, cream or custard. Useful for cooking or baking. Our product once a day does not contain the lactase enzyme, but a combination of 6 specially selected lactic acid ferments, lactase precursors. Due to the fact that only one capsule per day needs to be taken, this is the most convenient solution.

Many of our products have a recommended dosage of 1 to 2 breakable tablets, 1 to 3 capsules, or even 2 to 4 tablets. We recommend starting with the highest dose, to see how you react, and then tapering down to a smaller dose next time. You can do this until you can see the minimum dose your body needs to avoid triggering the symptoms of your food intolerance. Of course, what you eat/drink and portion size will matter (as will the severity of your intolerance), but the general rule is that by starting high, you can tell more easily, if the product is helping you or not, rather than not being sure if it was enough. It is certainly helpful to taper the dose and see if you can go to a lower strength next time. Overdosing does not have any negative effect and is therefore not a bad thing. In some cases it is better to be on the safe side in order to avoid unnecessary complaints.